Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

ICT4D practitioners use mobile technologies to monitor their projects, collect feedback, and evaluate their work, and scale their successes.

Mobile data collection in particular allows you to adopt a real-time, feedback-oriented, documented approach to their projects and activities.


  • Using mobile phones to capture survey data while in the field.
  • Training local staff and counterparts on data collection.
  • Train their communities on data-driven decision-making, analysis, and reporting.





  • Evidence Gap Maps -- Evidence gap maps (EGMs) consolidate what we know about what works in particular development sectors or thematic areas. 3ie's EGMs identify evidence from systematic reviews and impact evaluations and provide a graphical display of areas with strong, weak or non-existent evidence on the effects of development programs and initiatives. It's very cool and useful, but only available for a limited number of topics relevant to Youth, CED, HE, and ED. (Website > monitoring & evaluation > dataset, mapping)
  • USAID Program Evaluations -- USAID's evaluations page which links to their processes and data. (Website > monitoring & evaluation > dataset, indicators, evaluation)
  • USAID's Development Data Library -- The Development Data Library (DDL) is USAID's public repository of Agency-funded, machine readable data. The DDL is part of USAID's commitment to evidence-based programming and rigorous evaluation, while supporting the principles of the President's Open Government Initiative. This website provides raw data rather than the analysis or conclusions made from data. (Website > monitoring & evaluation > dataset, indicators)
  • USAID's Development Experience Clearinghouse -- USAID's Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC) is the largest online resource for USAID-funded technical and program documentation from more than 50 years of USAID's existence, with more than 155,000 documents available for viewing and electronic download. It's searchable: Use words or phrases, or perform more advanced searches. You can also comment on documents, rate them, or vote on them to increase their usefulness to others. (Website > monitoring & evaluation > dataset, indicators)


  • Akvo Flow -- Custom-built for international development projects with an emphasis on maps and offline functionality. Well-integrated with Akvo support. Android-only. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Commcare -- Android-only. Notable organizations using this include Save the Children and the WHO. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • CommCare Learning Tracks -- For use with Dimagi's CommCare platform specifically (though the lessons can be generalized). (Service > monitoring & evaluation > course)
  • DataWinners -- Android-only, slick drag-and-drop interface on the web. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Echo Mobile -- Mobile data collection platform from Nairobi-based NGO that uses SMS, USSD, and Android data collection. (broken 9/18) (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Epicollect -- iOS and Android (though EpiCollect+ is Android-only). Actually a pretty slick setup, and paid for by the Imperial College London so it really is free and open-source. Uses the Google App Engine as the back-end, so some assembly required (the cost of free). Organizations using it include FAO. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Feedback Labs -- Resources and tools to help you collect feedback -- organized by type of collection and sector. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > guide)
  • Get Your Degree in M&E Tech with TechChange - ICT Works -- This four-week online certificate course will focus on building skills and strategies to better collect, manage, analyze and visualize data using a variety of tech tools. It will feature live interactive guest expert presentations with leading M&E practitioners, software developers, and data scientists. It will also include a unique hands-on learning environment with animated videos, technology demos, practical activities, networking events, immersive simulations and more. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > course)
  • Humanitarian Nomad -- Selection tool to help connect your organization or project with a mobile data collection solution. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > guide, assistant)
  • iFormBuilder -- iOS, Android, and SMS app. Many options for data types, and does well with multimedia. Fair documentation. Notable organizations using it include Mercy Corps and PSI. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Kashana -- An open-source MEL information system for international development. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Kobotoolbox -- Drag-and-drop interface, built on top of ODK and Enketo (web forms). (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Lime Survey -- Browser-based survey platform that has a range of free and paid versions. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Magpi -- iOS, Android app (SMS on the Pro plan). I like their drag-and-drop builder and web-review of data entries. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Medic Mobile -- Software toolkit that combines smart messaging, decision support, easy data gathering and management, and health system analytics. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Open Data Kit -- Open-source suite of tools built for mobile data collection. It underlies a lot of the other internationally-oriented mobile data collection platforms around, and while geared slightly towards developers, is still accessible to field teams as well. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Pendragon -- Data collection company with custom data collection tools for iOS and Android. Oriented more towards the enterprise market. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • POIMapper -- iOS and Android, fairly straightforward but focused on maps (POI is Point of Interest). (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Qualtrics -- Geared towards enterprise and academically-robust data collection -- many custom form and devices options. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Riwi -- Global survey platform -- oriented towards organizations looking for large samples of pseudo random users. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • SMAP -- Data collection platform with open-source server and associated with Smap Consulting. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Survey Monkey -- One of the earlier and larger browser-based survey tools -- many various features and pricing levels. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • TaroWorks -- Android-only, built on the Salesforce platform and originally designed for project management purposes. I haven't played with this one a ton. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Telerivet -- Global messaging platform oriented towards SMS communications. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Text It -- SMS messaging platform with interesting built-in flow controls for more natural 2-way communications. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Typeform -- Web-based platform for forms. Can also be integrated into other platforms. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • Ushahidi -- A web-based platform for mapping information from reports from SMS, Twitter, e-mail, and web. Initially used to map election violence and intimidation in Kenya. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)
  • ViewWorld -- iOS and Android. Slick and familiar interface (Bootstrap, for you nerds). It's got good user group controls and sub-items (or sub-forms), and good data validation (by a manager or coordinator on the back-end). No "logic" functions. Organizations using it include CARE and the Danish Red Cross. (Service > monitoring & evaluation > platform)

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