The notion of field staff employee in the disconnected underbrush of the developing world while they work is firmly in the rear-view mirror (if indeed it was ever true!)

Today's international aid workers often find themselves at the cutting edge of technological innovation—making and building systems that work in environments that offer challenges on many sides and innovation from all perspectives.


  • Develop offline-friendly resources and servers.
  • Test web resources and services across a range of networking environments.



  • Low Bandwidth Tools -- Interaction tools that work in low or lower bandwidth setting or where people have to use internet mostly through public or internet cafes, or mobile devices. (Website > developer > offline, network, bandwidth, library)
  • Offline First Resources -- Everything you need to know to create offline-first web apps. (Website > developer > offline)


  • Balsamiq -- Wireframe mockups and interfaces. (Service > developer > prototype, wireframe, design)
  • Card Validator - Twitter -- Test Twitter link cards on a URL. (Service > developer > debug, test, social media)
  • Chrome Daltonize -- Exposing details to color-blind users, allowing them see what they otherwise would have missed. (Service > developer > accessibility, color, test)
  • Chrome Window Resizer -- Resize browser window to emulate various screen resolutions. (Service > developer > browser, test, screen resolution)
  • Comcast -- Simulating troublesome network connections so you can build better systems. (Service > developer > debug, test, offline, network, bandwidth)
  • Erli bird -- Recruit beta testing iOS and Android apps, websites, and gadgets. (Service > developer > test, user testing, usability)
  • -- Very simple bandwidth test from Netflix. (Service > developer > bandwidth, test)
  • Framer -- Design interactive prototypes for web & mobile. (Service > developer > prototype, wireframe, design)
  • Hamms -- Elicit failures in your HTTP Client -- connection failures, malformed response data, slow servers, fat headers, etc. (Service > developer > debug, test, offline, network, bandwidth)
  • How Much to Make -- Costs of building an app, idea, etc. estimator. (Service > developer > project management, app, developer, web development)
  • Loband -- Website that reduces webpages to the bare bones. (Service > developer > offline, network, bandwidth)
  • -- Check latency, ping, dns, page load from multiple locations. (Service > developer > test, bandwidth, latency)
  • Marvel -- Mobile & web prototyping for designers. (Service > developer > prototype, design)
  • NetSpotApp -- WiFi site survey software for MacOS & Windows. (Service > developer > test, bandwidth, latency, wifi)
  • Object Debugger - Facebook -- Test Facebook Graph links on a URL. (Service > developer > debug, test, social media)
  • OpenBTS -- Open source software project for mobile networks. (Service > developer > network, hardware, cellular)
  • Origami Studio -- Design prototyping. (Service > developer > prototype, design)
  • UpUp -- Quick and dirty way to achieve offline availability of simple apps. (Service > developer > offline, javascript)
  • Validator -- The W3C Markup Validation Service. (Service > developer > debug, test, markup, html)
  • Website Speed Test -- Image analysis tool. (Service > developer > debug, test, images)

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