Design Thinking

Design Thinking

ICT4D practitioners use design thinking and creative capacity-building (CCB) to respond to the challenges of their host communities and counterparts.

Field staff are optimally placed to work with their community to arrive at new and different ways of doing things, of addressing long-standing challenges, and in finding ways to change behavior, thought, and action in their environments.


  • Using design thinking and creative capacity building (CCB) to supplement participatory approaches to problem-solving.
  • Investigate the needs, context, and assets of their environment and use cooperative problem-solving to build towards sustainable solutions.





  • Civic Service Design -- Civic service design tools and tactics from NYC. (Website > design thinking > service design)
  • Collective Action Toolkit - Frog design -- A set of activities and methods to enable groups of people anywhere to organize, collaborate, and create solutions for problems impacting their community. (Website > design thinking > toolkit, collective action, methods, activities)
  • Design Language - IBM -- IBM's shared vocabulary for design. (Website > design thinking > design)
  • Design Sprint Kit - Google -- Resource for planning and running a design sprint. (Website > design thinking > toolkit, sprint)
  • DIYToolkit -- Practical tools to trigger & support social innovation. (Website > design thinking > toolkit, social innovation)
  • Hack Design -- Design course for all UX topics. (Website > design thinking > course, user experience)
  • Human-Centered Design course - IDEO -- Course in HCD offered from IDEO and Acumen. (Website > design thinking > human-centered design, course)
  • Human-Centered Design Toolkit Africa - Future by Design -- Afro-centric approach to HCD. (Website > design thinking > human-centered design, africa)
  • Introduction - 18F Method Cards -- Collection of tools for human-centered design. (Website > design thinking > toolkit, methods, human-centered design)
  • Open Innovation Toolkit - Mozilla -- community sourced set of best practices and principles to help you incorporate human-centered design into your product development process. (Website > design thinking > toolkit, innovation)
  • Resources - OpenIDEO -- Great resources on topics such as 'building a team', 'engaging offline', 'building by doing', 'reimagining international aid', 'interview toolkits', 'brainstorm toolkits', and more. (Website > design thinking > toolkit, activities)
  • Resources Library - International Development Innovation Network (IDIN) -- Favorite resources used at IDIN trainings and summits around the world. (Website > design thinking > toolkit, creative capacity-building)
  • Service Design Toolkit -- Method for improving the quality of your service. Toolkit developed from Namahn and Design Flanders. (Website > design thinking > service design, toolkit)
  • The Circular Design Guide - IDEO -- New IDEO design guide. (Website > design thinking > guide)
  • The Field Guide to Human Centered-Design - Design Kit - -- Human Centered Design mindsets, methods, and case studies from IDEO, as part of the quite wonderful Design Kit. (Website > design thinking > human-centered design, toolkit)
  • Tools and resources - Nesta -- Practical tools and resources to help you and your team spark new ideas and support innovation, such as 'Understand how innovation works', 'Start a project', 'Make a plan', 'Understand my priorities', 'Understand my audiences', 'Generate new ideas', and 'Test and learn from my work'. (Website > design thinking > toolkit, innovation)
  • Vikalp Design -- Incredible project that designs cultural communication symbols. (Website > design thinking > design, communication, culture, symbols)


  • Catapult Design -- Design firm that researchs, designs, and develops human-centered products and services. (Organization > design thinking)
  • -- Nonprofit (related to design consultancy IDEO) dedicated to applying human-centered design to alleviate poverty. (Organization > design thinking > corporate social responsibility)
  • OpenIDEO -- OpenIDEO (born out of IDEO and, a design and innovation firm that uses a human-centered, collaborative approach to solving complex issues. (Organization > design thinking > network)
  • Proximity Designs -- User-centered design methods for irrigation and solar products to create innovative financial solutions for rural smallholders. (Organization > design thinking)

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