Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Computer labs offer flexible environments for education, digital literacy, and engaging with technology in a variety of ways.

Computer labs have a long history in ICT4D and exist in range of setups: school computer labs, telecenters, Internet cafes, and public libraries.

Field staff find themselves still front-and-center in helping to create, facilitate, and encourage atmospheres of technical instruction in a safe, open, and impactful ways.


  • School computer labs to supplement coursework in all school subjects.
  • Teach computer programming to all ages.
  • Practice digital literacy skills and digital responsibility.




  • Evergreen ILS -- Software used by libraries to provide their public catalog interface as well as to manage back-of-house operations such as circulation (checkouts and check-ins), acquisition of library materials, and sharing resources among groups of libraries. (Software > computer lab > library, software)
  • Koha Library Software -- Scalable library management system. (Software > computer lab > library, software)


  • -- International organization that makes ICT accessible to underserved communities around the world by providing high-quality refurbished computers to nonprofit and non-governmental organizations. (Organization > computer lab)
  • Kids On Computers -- Nonprofit organization comprised of a group of volunteers, setting up computer labs in areas where kids don’t have access to technology. (Organization > computer lab > children)
  • World Computer Exchange -- Non-profit organization that provides capacity building, low-cost computers, content development, training trips, computers for girls and local e-waste solutions. (Organization > computer lab > funding)

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