ICT4D is founded upon the idea that communications which are faster, less costly, and more convenient can have a significant impact on social and economic growth.

Communications include formal and informal messaging, feedback channels on a range of projects and processes, and broadcasting ideas through a variety of channels.

The growth of mobile communications in both technology and demonstrated by user preferences around the world puts significant focus on the use of mobile tools of communication for social growth—which bring with them new questions of user experience, sustainability, and privacy.


  • Amplifying the reach of your projects to more people and communities.
  • Faster and more reliable feedback loops through reminders and follow-up.
  • Simple and low-cost way to exchange ideas, updates, questions.




  • -- Browser-based video conferencing. (Service > communications > video conferencing)
  • BlueJeans Conferencing -- Video-conferencing and screen-sharing. Works well when facing faulty connections. (Service > communications > video conferencing)
  • Buffer -- Share in intervals with social media. (Service > communications > social media)
  • CardBoard -- Story mapping and shared card analysis. (Service > communications > collaboration, story maps)
  • Formcarry -- Forms for designers and developers. (Service > communications > feedback, forms)
  • -- Extensible forms for programmer-types. (Service > communications > feedback, forms)
  • -- Share and review media with your team. (Service > communications > feedback, collaboration)
  • FrontlineSMS -- SMS management tools. (Service > communications > sms, mobile data collection)
  • Invision -- Prototyping, collaboration & workflow platform. (Service > communications > collaboration, prototyping)
  • Nexmo -- APIs for SMS, voice & phone verification. (Service > communications > sms, mobile data collection)
  • RapidSMS -- Framework for rapidly building mobile services for scale. (Service > communications > sms, mobile data collection)
  • RealtimeBoard -- Online whiteboard & online collaboration tool. (Service > communications > collaboration, whiteboard, collaboration)
  • Red Pen -- Fast deliverable feedback. (Service > communications > feedback, review)
  • -- Statistical analysis of your Facebook groups. (Service > communications > social media, analytics)
  • TextIt -- Visually build SMS and voice apps. (Service > communications > sms, mobile data collection)
  • Thunderclap -- Create a social media coordinated campaign. (Service > communications > social media, twitter)
  • Twilio -- APIs for text messaging. (Service > communications > sms, mobile data collection)
  • Voto Mobile -- Mobile phone notification and survey tool -- also uses voice recordings and IVR. (Service > communications > sms, mobile data collection)
  • VSee Messenger -- Low-bandwidth video conferencing. (Service > communications > video conferencing)
  • WriteRack -- Create a tweetstorm. (Service > communications > social media, tweetstorm)
  • Your Social Media Fingerprint -- Detect which platforms you're currently signed into. (Service > communications > social media)


  • Ushahidi -- Global non-profit technology company that changes the way information flows in the world and empower people to make an impact with open source technologies, cross-sector partnerships, and ground-breaking ventures. (Organization > communications > international development, data)
  • VillageTelco -- Non-profit that builds low-cost community telephone network hardware and software. (Organization > communications > appropriate technology)

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