Guides and reviews

These are great jumping-off points for product reviews, links, and ideas.

Disclaimer: The recommendations of these sites and the following sections are based on personal experience and preferences. This is not a commercial site/book, and the author is not benefiting from the companies or products mentioned.

  • Product Chart -- Gadget search and filters – good for seeing what's currently available for phones and such.

  • The Wirecutter -- Lists and reviews of all types of gadgets—cameras, projectors, phones, routers, etc.

  • Engineering for Change –- A forum to connect, collaborate, solve challenges and share knowledge among a growing community of engineers, technologists, social scientists, NGOs, local governments and community advocates, who are dedicated to improving the quality of life all over the world.

  • iFixIt -- Very helpful site with repair manuals and product reviews for maintenance and repairability of devices.

  • Appropedia - Appropriate Technology Section -- Wiki offering solutions in sustainability, appropriate technology, poverty reduction, and permaculture. This page has links to devices and technologies that might be of interest.

  • Compatible Technology International -- Nonprofit that designs and distributes tools in collaboration with small farmers and their communities to improve food and water security in developing countries.

  • Digital Trends -- Straightforward digital product news and product reviews.

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