ICT4D glossary

For more complete glossaries related to ICT4D, I would check out the wonderful Matt Haikin list and the Glossary of ICT Terminology.

Term Definition
ICT4D (Information and Communication Technologies for Development) Both an academic sub-discipline and a practitioners community of practice. Related terms include ICT, ICTD, Tech for Social Good, Humanitarian Tech, etc. Recently, efforts have been made to broaden this term out to 'digital development', a term both more helpful for engagement but less helpful for acknowledging what makes ICT4D uniquely ICT4D—its focus on people and people-centered outcomes.
Data Structured information, and is the foundation for computers and digital technologies. Data is like the 'force' in Star Wars—it is all around us, and it binds the universe together, though it can be difficult to see and manipulate.
Information Can be thought of as anything that changes "in-forms" knowledge or understanding. Broadly speaking, in ICT4D, 'information' typically implies useful data in the hands of someone who can do something with it.
Knowledge The representation of learning, experience, and incorporated information. For the purposes of ICT4D, knowledge is often expressed as formal (such as captured in a spreadsheet) or informal (such as contained in someone's mind).
Communication The the exchange of information between two things—either people or systems or computers. Communication can be digital (between two phones) or analog (two people talking) and can happen at the same time (synchronously, as in a discussion) or at different times (asynchronously, as in email).
Technology The technique or process used to produce a good or a service. In ICT4D, technology is often the digital device (computers, phones, projectors, radios, etc.) used to communicate information for the purposes of social and economic development.
Offline A state of limited connectivity to the Internet or to services that suggests either voluntary (vacation, social media break) or involuntary (network outtage, high latency, device constraints) restrictions to the use of such tools. Can also be a hardware/software development approach that builds for maximum accessibility (such as limiting requirements for online server communications).
Phishing Practice of attempting to trick users into registering or disclosing sensitive data (username, password, etc.) maliciously in order to defraud or commit identity theft.

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