ICT4D Guide

This is an open and accessible guide to help field staff in 'information and communication technologies for development' (ICT4D) projects around the world.

This guide is the result of many people's experiences working in the field—be it domestically in their country, or internationally around the world.

This is an open, ongoing, and collaborative effort, so please help us by contributing to the guide!

Ready to jump in? Browse the Guide here (works on mobile as well), or download a PDF, EPUB, or MOBI version of the Guide.

Ready to collaborate? Head on over to the book source on Github or browse the issues page to get started.

Ready to contibute? See the contributing guide.


The guide is divided into four parts.

Part I. Basics

Broadly describes digital development, ICT4D, and using data for social good.

Part II: Tools

Gives an overview of useful tools, technologies, and services of the trade for digital development workers.

Part III: Topics

Identifies key focus area topics and associated helpful resources.

Part IV: Learn

Helps get started to learn more about particular topics, tools, and approaches.

Who this Guide is for

The content of the guide favors people who have some familiarity with Digital Development, ICT4D, and international development, but should be accessible and engaging to everyone.

This guide should not be considered as a comprehensive resource to those working in digital development. The value of this guide is that it is a concise and accessible resource to provide a reference of resources to get you started or moving along through a project.

Who made this

This Guide and resources were prepared through many nights and weekends by Gabriel Krieshok.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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